About Us

To foster interest among the general public in Christian music, to build community and cooperation among society and to promote public awareness about Christian music in our culture. Our mission is to spread the gospel to the unreached.

Founded in 2016, the Trump of God Troop focuses its efforts on past, present and future models. Through the Trump of God Troop, we seek to support and to bring awareness to the best and brightest in the current Christian and Gospel music industry. We focus on the future through our workshops which seeks to develop the up-coming artists, songwriters and music professionals.


We know that these efforts can’t be accomplished, nearly as much if we don’t do our work with two key values in mind: community and ministry. We wish to join with many, who are passionate and enthusiastic to spread the gospel. We also know that our purpose has much greater effect when we work together in a united effort to expand its reach and influence.


Here Are Few Reasons

Importance of Songs

We have to praise and adore the God of Jehovah for His creation.

Reason for Singing

God granted salvation by His grace and dwell us in the eternal

When Do We Sing

I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continuously

Our Mentors

K. Vijay Babu​

Teacher and Preacher

Vijay Babu is known as a prayer warrior, started Shalom Christian Assemblies and preaching the Gospel profoundly...

K. Vijay Babu

B. Suresh Babu


Suresh Babu was a fervent mentor for Trump of God Troop, Preacher at Mizpah Christian Assemblies Vuyyuru..

B. Suresh Babu

CH.Hari Kishore Babu


A Mentor supporting us round-the- way, being a Businessman he is a great asset for our new missionary. He shared..

CH.Hari Kishore Babu

Our Troop